PNR Status

Check your PNR Status on

It is absolutely essential that you know about the status of your reservation before boarding a train so that you are not left stranded on the platform. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record and is located on the top left hand side of your train ticket. To check your PNR, please enter the 10 digit number in the box provided above and hit 'check status'. You will get the booking information, current status of your booking. If your booking is confirmed, you will also get the seat and coach number. PNR, first introduced by the airline industry, was gradually adopted by the entire travel industry. The concept was started between airlines to facilitate exchange of customers' information, which used multiple airlines to book a journey.

With reference to Indian Railways, PNR is a unique number indicating elaborate customer information. This information may contain:

  • Details of the passenger (Age, Sex, Name, Seat preference).
  • Details of your ticket (berth number, train number, travelling date, reservation from and up to, quota if any).
  • Payment details (transaction id, mode of payment).
Waiting List Tickets and their Confirmation Precedence

There are some set rules based on which Railways allots the waiting list on tickets when is the reservation is not confirmed.

  • General Waiting List- These tickets are on top priority and there are high chances of getting confirmed.
  • Tatkal Waiting List- If you book your tickets in the Tatkal quota, you get a tatkal waiting list if the tickets are not reserved. General waiting lists are given priority over the Tatkal waiting list, therefore, there is very little chance that the Tatkal waiting list ticket will get confirmed.