Story behind Xpress Rasoi

Few Months back one of Directors of the Company was traveling from Amritsar to Mumbai via Golden Temple Xpress with is Entire Family which comprises of two Kids and Two senior citizens along with his wife and Him Self. His Coach was next to the Pantry Car and because of being Hotelier by profession he thought he should visit the Pantry and See how nicely they are cooking the Food in Train. What he saw that Day was one of the most painful for him because as Hotelier and the Person who knows the importance of Hygiene must have reacted the same way. The ingredients used for Cooking was almost adulterated, Oil in Kadahi was Rancid, Some artificial colors were also kept near to spice box. He talked to In charge of pantry but his reactions were so dramatic and as he started yelling “we are running Pantries of Indian Railways from last twenty years and no one ever discussed me all these things and by the way this is not a star category restaurant” by the way he shifted to another tone and start asking “What special I could cook for you, even that will be complimentary but don’t complaint to any one etc. etc.” He came back to seat without saying a single world.

about Xpress Rasoi

Suddenly there was a Big Question in his mind that what he and his Family will eat in train. He remembered that few days back there was some one from out side who do delivery of food in Train. He searched on internet and found few Good options. Again Problem never kept you alone and he found No one is Picking call from one of the operator means you are forced to choose online food and pay them in advance to get it confirmed. It was okay but the problem was after payment and even confirmation if some thing goes wrong the he is not having any substitute and next station for the train would be approx 3 hours away means again no food or Pantry Food.

Again he tried for another website whose most pages were taking too long to get uploaded or were saying Link removed, but some how he managed to get the official no. to get food delivered on the seat in train. He ordered the food but there were so less choices only Thali and Biryani’s with some breakfast Items only. He ordered for Two Thalis and Three biryani’s along with some curd and pickle. At the station where food delivery in train was to be done it stayed almost half an hour and even after three calls food reached to them in last minutes where they were not having any liberty to check if right food has been delivered or if he require something more he can get from Railway Station. After having their food they were more upset.

By the next morning he decided to start a service where food to be of Star Hotel Level and should have economic rates, Varity of Menu Items to be served with Healthy and Light food in train to be focus. Food for Diabetic persons in Train or the food for allergenic people in train to be provided and that too is with value for money should be the key. Train food service was not something which was innovative but the way he decided to design the menu, pricing and entire standard operating process along with vendors training; standard recipes, Standard portion size etc were unique. Now when he shared his story of food in Indian railway with his friend they were a company and that’s why came into existence.

Huge tasks were to be completed but the zeal to get things done while it comes to serve the people in need never remain huge they together started taking steps and steps and that journey together has build a successful brand “Xpress Rasoi”.

Now within 30 days of hard work “Xpress Rasoi” has a Presence on 10 Major railway stations of Indian Railway where they had started delivery of Jain Food in Train, Diabetic Food in Train, Fresh food in Train, Healthy Food in Train etc and now aiming for Starting food delivery service in Train on additional one station every two days. It means completing all 75 major railway stations of Indian Railways by 15 th October 2016 and then covering rest 334 A Class stations by March 2017.